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Airport Solutions

Air Traffic Management system offered is designed to service for air traffic of high and medium intensity in terminal areas, en-route and out of airways and can offer the following functionality:

  • Automation of flight data processing and air traffic control.
  • Automatic gathering, processing and display of information derived from:
  • Primary and secondary enroute radars
  • ADS systems (1090 ES, Mode 4)
  • MLAT systems
  • Automatic direction finders
  • Flight plan data
  • Weather data and messages

ATC simulator offered is designed for initial training and for retraining of air traffic control (ATC) controllers, to develop their professional skills, to train controllers’ actions in emergency, to train operating procedures in case of airspace structure changed, or new operation techniques introduced.  The main functionalities of the simulator are as follows:

  • Training for radar controllers (ACC, APP etc);
  • For visual tower controller operations training, the visual system may be integrated in the simulator in order to provide dynamic synthesis and color representation of realistic picture visible at controller work position;
  • Simulation surface movement control system (A-SMGSC);
  • Radar control, surface movement and visual tower control simulation integrated for gate-to-en-route, en-route-to gate training;
  • Surveillance data processing simulation (PSR, SSR, ADS, MLAT);
  • Flight plan data processing simulation (include 4D trajectory);
  • Adoption for any type of CTA , TMA, ACC;
  • Unlimited number of modeled airspaces;
  • Generation of training scenarios at any level of complexity;
  • Simulation of emergency situations at all stages of flight;
  • Training for both radar control and non-radar control using flight data;
  • HMI of air traffic situation simulated considering types and parameters of radars used in ATC area;
  • Display in compliance with Eurocontrol EATCHIP PHASE III HMI, EUROCONTROL ODID IV;
  • Simulation of various weather changeable condition in the process of exercise;
  • Simulation of failures of radars, navaids, airborne equipment; simulation of emergency situations in the process of exercise;
  • Run some independent exercises in one system for one or different aerodromes/airspaces;
  • Recording and playback of training with simultaneous listening to radio and intercom communications.

VMT Guard is a modern radar security surveillance solution with high-resolution thermal and optical equipment. From boarders to airports, high-security facilities don’t need to worry about safety now. VMT GUARD provides initial area scanning, automatically target detection and tracking mode in all-weather conditions. High radar sensor resolution allows to georeference the target with up to 1.5 meter accuracy. After the potential intruder is detected, cameras are automatically controlled to follow it. The operators are alerted with warnings or alarms only in 2.5 seconds. VMT GUARD can be easily integrated into existing security systems or used as an independent solution to improve area security. Please feel free to contact us to find out more information.

  • Weather systems
  • Lighting protection
  • Aeronautical telecommunications
  • Radio navigation aids
  • Power supply

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