Full Flight Simulators

Full Flight Simulators

Full flight simulator (FFS) is a term used by national (civil) aviation authorities (NAA) for a high technical level of Flight Simulators. Such authorities include the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

There are currently four levels of full flight simulator, levels A – D, level D being the highest standard and being eligible for zero flight time (ZFT) training of civil pilots when converting from one airliner type to another. A Level D simulator simulates all aircraft systems that are accessible from the flight deck and are critical to training. For instance, accurate force feedback for the pilot’s flight controls is provided through a simulator system called “control loading”, and other systems such as avionics, communications and “glass cockpit” displays are also simulated. This standard of simulator is used both for initial and recurrent training for commercial air transport (CAT) aircraft. A Level D FFS also provides motion feedback to the crew through a motion platform upon which the simulator cabin is mounted. The motion platform must produce accelerations in all of the six degrees of freedom (6-DoF) that can be experienced by a body that is free to move in space. The display system that shows imagery of the out-the-window (OTW) world to the pilots, is generally designed so that the imagery appears at a distant focus. This is called a collimated display, a word derived from “co-linear”. The reason is so that each of two pilots, sitting side by side, can see essentially the same OTW imagery without angular errors or distortions. If a simple projection screen were used instead of a collimated display, each pilot would see the OTW at different angles.

Visionary Marine Technologies Pte Ltd is committed to provide all range of simulator development, design, supply, installation and support from scratch and till assistance with site qualification to highest available level. All range of simulators can be offered including FTDs, FNPTs and FFS for both rotary and fixed wing aircrafts.

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