Maritime Simulators

Maritime Simulators

Simulation including Drilling Rig, Subsea Production, Oil Spill Response Management, Liquid Cargo Handling operations, etc.

Oil & Gas Offshore and Offshore Technological Simulator Complexes, including:

  • Exploration Phase Simulators
  • Appraisal Phase Simulators
  • Development Phase Simulators
  • Production Phase Simulators
  • Closing (decommissioning) Phase Simulators
  • Oil Spill Response Simulators
  • Other Simulators

Marine Transport Simulator Complexes, including:

  • Liquid Cargo Handling Simulators
  • Engine Room Simulators
  • Navigation Simulators
  • Communications Simulators
  • Other Simulators

Quarry & Mining for Open Cut and Underground Equipment and Machinery Simulator Complexes, including:

  • Excavator Simulators

Safety is the key factor in every operation we do in our life. When you train future production plant employees, truck drivers, maritime personnel, you want them to become confident and professional in the future. This is a real and complex challenge — to simulate the world in a way where it looks and acts as if in real life. All the domains really cross here: computer science, physics/numerical methods, software engineering. To be sure we produce accurate simulation results, we must rely on physically-correct models, and this holds true for everything we simulate.

Usually it is not enough just to model the phenomenon — we should provide a meaningful way to teach and learn based on that. Here we fully rely on domain expertise and we always work together with SMEs to ensure our simulators not only simulate what we want, but that we can teach it, and one can learn from using them. The complete product is made for people who learn, not for the domain we model, and we never forget about it.

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