Telecommunication Solutions

Telecommunication Solutions

BSE – technological tool having the functionality to control the subscriber’s devices of GSM/UMTS/LTE (FDD/TDD)/*NR cellular communication systems without interfering with the mobile operator and not distorting the information on the subscriber’s devices screens.

Implementation options


Сomponent of the active monitoring system of cellular communications, allows monitoring and substitution* of voice calls, text messages, USSD requests of subscribers registered on the EBS in 2G/3G standards.


Designed to detect and localize wireless channels of information leakage from a controlled area.

The device detects and localizes devices

  • Cell phones;
  • Fake or virtual base stations;
  • Modems and other wireless data transmission devices;

How this device works

In stationary use , the detector is designed to monitor cellular communications within a room.

When an object appears in the range of the device, the detector detects the appearance of a cellular device, collects ID data, location data and is able to monitor and block the operation of the device.

Designed for continuous (24/7) or periodic monitoring of ALL Band and frequency channels of cellular communications any telecom operators. Detailed analysis of system information messages from legal and fake base stations allows you to assess the security of communications in the coverage area


  • Display on screen of data about the BS of all telecom operators in real time
  • Detection Fake BS
  • Signaling the fact “Attack fake BS” to phone with documentation of all actions of this station
  • Checking cellular network capabilities (voice calls, crypto algorithm, VoLTE, HSPA)
  • Drawing up a frequency-territorial plan and coverage areas of base stations of cellular operators with the preservation of history in the database
  • Building safe routes that exclude fake BS and Jamming mobile communication from getting into the coverage area
  • Assistance in the calibration of base station parameters by technical services

Device that allows you to control and manage devices using WI-FI connection.

Recommended Use Case

  • Identification of users by MAC addresses in location area*
  • «Deauthentication» of selected targets, Wi-Fi connection disruption
  • Organization of channel by the Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) method
  • Automatic calculation of access point passwords in order to control and
    monitor traffic transmitted by Wi-Fi point clients
  • Recreating a map of found Wi-Fi points and forming a database of
    collected parameters
  • Adding a communication quality scanner or EBS to cover a larger number
    of user equipment, including those using WiFi Calling

Variants of execution

The main function of the complexes is to overcome access control systems controlled by a radio channel using a fixed or floating code remotely. They are able to open alarms without creating interference in the radio and unnecessary blocking of the original key.

The SMARTSMSBOX platform is a new approach to targeted SMS advertising without involving a telecom operator

Advantages of SMS advertising:

  • Large audience reach – The number of recipients to whom you can send your message is not
    limited by the customer base and budget.
  • Timely notification of users – Your target customers will receive information immediately before the
    start of sales, which will attract more buyers.
  • Attracting a new customer base – Conducting SMS advertising campaigns will show your future customers
    that you care about them and do not forget.
  • Saving resources – No additional costs will be required for SMS mailing (no consumables, no designer needed …). The total cost of an SMS campaign also does not depend on the number of messages sent.
  • Unobtrusive and targeted communication – In most cases, a person opens a message immediately, even if he sees that it is an advertisement.

A personal base station (3G) that ensures the operation of a smartphone without roaming anywhere in the world.

Designed for use in a small space (office, apartment, car, airplane, etc.)

Personal base station features

The antennas operate in the frequency ranges: 790-960 MHz and 1700-2700 MHz.
Configuration is not required for operation.
The following communication standards are covered: GSM-R, GSM-900, GSM-1800, 2GGSM/GPRS/EDGE, 3G-UMTS, 4G-LTE, SIM/SIGFOX/LoRa 868 MHz, ISM/SIGFOX/LoRa 915MHz, WiFi-2.4Ghz

BPA-F-01 — a multi-band device for amplifying and filtering the GSM, 3G and 4G/LTE cellular signal. The amplifier operates in the frequency ranges 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz. Provides an output power level of up to 10 watts.

The MPS-04-01 product is designed for switching input signals to selected outputs with subsequent summation if more than one input signal is directed to one output. It is used as part of cellular communication organization complexes, in order to distribute channels to narrowband power amplifiers (split into bands).

The Solver distributed computing system is a stackable heterogeneous system. Which can be expanded both from the side of resources and solved tasks of software that supports the use of devices such as CPU,GPU,FPGA. The expansion of the scope of the tasks to be solved is carried out using the mechanism of the open development interface, which allows adding new algorithms for processing user tasks to the system.


  • Recover passwords for MS Office 2003-2011, Hangul Office, PDF, WinRAR, Zip, etc.
  • Restore the prototype of the MD5, Sha1, Unix hash function
  • Solve other application tasks (for example, restoring the WPA/WPA2/PMkit access point key)

VMT performs an audit of the security of corporate communications, the security of mobile devices, as well as assistance in finding and identifying electronic data leakage devices on the customer’s territory.

During our work, more than 20 facts of leaks of corporate data of companies around the world have been revealed, the communication of the company’s top officials when traveling around the world has been built and protected. We cooperate with the security services of public and private companies.

Our competencies and capabilities are in demand when conducting an annual audit of the security of cellular networks.

We work with mobile operators Megafon, Rostelecom, Vodafone, Airtel to identify the impact on the operator’s network through the RAN segment and identify attacks.

Examples of work carried out:

  • Identification of the impact on subscriber equipment: withdrawal from the legal network of the operator with subsequent return to the network (obtaining identification parameters of subscribers)
  • Formation of signs of operation of fake base stations on Sigtran/Diametr lines
  • Formation of encryption network verification parameters
  • Detection of attempts to work with lowering the encryption algorithm A5/0, A5/1
  • Identification and imitation of sending SMS to network subscribers on behalf of subscribers using their identifiers
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